By: Madelyn Drane

The Prairie Girl

Rolling and Rolling, hill by hill

tufts of grass cling to her

as spots of sunlight peek out

on this day, she'd never pout

a sweet aroma fills the air

The prairie girl has no cares

She tumbles down unto a stream

things don't look as they seem

Rows and rows of trees galor

so much fruit, who wants more?

soon she spots a golden stallion

she desires him, as her meddalion

she races up to the mare

she attempts to groom and tame

the horse who'd never go lame

Really Sick

Today Ifeel extremely bad

my throat is soar, the tissues are gone

although I don't feel mad,

I've felt awful since the break of dawn

I feel so blue

I'm so tired

What am I to do?

I feel like an overdue library book - I've expired

If you have exprienced what I feel

you would think twice before you would say

that having a cold is no big deal

mabye tommorow I will actually feel okay

Sick Pictures

My Narrative Poem

As she drove to the sea

she suddenly worried about the parking fee

she had misplaced her purse

getting a ticket would make her money situation worse

so she turned around the car

with glumness she stated, "But I've gone so far!"

She called Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob

she asked for help, but ended crying in a sob

she had an issue, a problem so big

finally she gave up in a huff

and told herself "enough is enough"

so she drove back home in a hurry

and as she unpacked

she found the dreaded bag in a fury