Weather and Recess

McIntire Elementary School

Weather and Recess

We will have recess every day. The students go outside unless:

• it is raining.

• the wind chill is 15 degrees or lower.

• there are dangerous weather conditions such as ice, snow, powerful winds, etc.

McIntire will use The Weather Channel Feels Like temperature to make recess determinations. When the students don’t go out, they remain in pre-designated rooms supervised by an adult.

As per the district elementary handbook, the following guidelines are utilized regarding appropriate outerwear:

• 61° and up – No jackets needed.

• 51° to 60° – Jackets are required.

• 16° to 50° – Winter coats are required.

If your child needs a winter coat, please let his/her teacher know. We have lots of unclaimed coats from previous school years that we launder and save for students. Also, if you have coats your family has outgrown, please send them to school so we can redistribute to a child who needs a coat. Thank you!