Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * March 16th* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Our class will be teaching the school about fairness this month during the Character Counts Assembly. This year each class has had the opportunity to visit the other grades and teach them about the Character Counts traits. We will present our fairness lessons on March 27th. Stay tuned for more information!


This week, we will ponder the question, “What can you learn from signs in your community?” In the humorous fiction story The Signmaker’s Assistant, a town’s residents learn that they can’t always believe what they read. We will also read the play The Trouble with Signs.

Target Vocabulary: assistant, agreed, polite, failed, tearing, wisdom, trouble, cleared

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels ar (car)

Spelling words: carpet, yard, arm, car, star, party, hard, part, spark, start, jar, apartment, sound, talk, please **chart

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features- tell how words work with art

Comprehension Strategy: Question – asking questions about what you are reading


This week we will begin a new writing unit on fictional narratives. Students will learn how to write a narrative that has fictional characters. They will work on writing strategies that support this genre.


Lesson 8-1: Equal Parts of ONE

Key Vocabulary –


ONE (the whole)




Lesson 8-2: Exploring Fractions, Multiplication and

Division, and Volume

Key Vocabulary –

cubic centimeter


Lesson 8-3: Collecting Things

Describing and naming fractional parts of a collection of objects

Using manipulatives to model fractions as equal parts of a collection of things

Lesson 8-4: Equivalent Fractions

Key Vocabulary-


equivalent fractions

Social Studies: Learn About People

This week we will complete our unit on People. We will learn how ideas and culture spread from one place to another. We will also learn how science and technology have changed communication. We will complete our study of unit vocabulary and review for an assessment on Friday. It has been a great experience to learn about each other and our cultures! Thank you for your personal family contributions to this unit!

Mark Your Calendars:

March 20th- Social Studies Test

March 27th- Spirit Day

March 27th- Character Counts Assembly

March 27th- Special Guy and Gal Social

March 27th- Report Card Day