Among The Hidden

Margaret Peterson Haddix


Luke is a rear shadow child who is forbidden from the world. This is do to the population police saying two children per family and Luke is the third. He has been hiding in his families attic for 13 years now. Until one day he found a vent in his attic and notice that his neighbor has a forbidden child too. He sneaks out one day to the house and meets a girl named Jen. They both are planning on going to the rally about the two child law. Until Jen decides it will be do dangerous and says that Luke can not come. Will the law stay the same or will be lifted?

About The Author

She is a New York Times best seller. She as publish more then 30 books for teenagers and children. Margaret grew up on a farm in Ohio. Her degrees are English/journalism and English/creative writing. Haddix has reserved many awards including Children's Book Award, The National Kids Award, and Readers' Choice Award in more than 29 states. She wrote the , Shadow Children and The Missing series and many more as well.

Quote and Reviews

Quote: “Hope doesn't mean anything. ... Action's the only thing that counts.”

Review: "like this book because it is very unpredictable!"

"I thought it kind of had a surprise ending, but it was a very good book."