Robot's In Today's Society


Are robot’s really that good? “Do you think robot’s are the thing of the future,” Lucas Langly states. (Langly) Well if you want to know you should read this article. It will be outlining robot’s that help people, robot’s that save time and energy, and lastly are robots like humans?

Robots That Help People

Two examples of robots that help people are Gemini-Scout and Mr. Grower. These are two examples of hard working robots. Gemini-Scout for example does search and rescue mission in underground mines. Gemini-Scout is very strong, and can even carry food and drag a person to safety. Gemini-Scout is also able to tell miners if the air is safe in the mines. It is constantly collecting information. The job of Mr. Grower is to move throughout the hospital, helping doctors and nurses bring medicine to patients. Mr. Grower looks like a small metal cabinet on wheels. It stores medicine in locked drawers. Mr. Grower can also be programed to go anywhere in the hospital. It can even go in elevators. The robot is so strong it can pull 500 lbs. Mr. Grower can deliver medicine for 12 hours, but only charges for 2 hours. Mr. Grower can do more than deliver medicine, it can also talk. It can say many phrases like, “Your delivery is here.” Now you can see two robots that help people out.

Robot's That Save Time and Energy

Another question is, do robots save time and energy? Here are two examples. One example is a robot named Robbie. It is a robot that takes care of children. It is an endless source of fun. Unlike parents, Robbie always has time to play. But Robbie isn’t just a babysitting robot, it can also dance, sing and even play music. Another robot that saves time and energy is a little different. It is a robot car. These cars are really helpful. They have their own driving permits. They also are safe because they have cameras all around the car. The last way they are safe is because the car does not drink, text or get tired.

Are Robots Like Humans?

Lastly, are robots like humans? Robots can be very different or very alike to humans. One example of how humans are better than a robot car is because humans can react quicker. Another example of how robots do things that humans can’t do is like going into places like volcanos. Two things they have in common is that robots and humans both save lives and both work for people. For example, on farms.


Now that you have learned about robots that help people, robots that save time and energy and lastly are robots like humans I hope that you will go and learn more about robots. Robots are really helping today’s society and are making people’s life a lot easier. The last question I have is are robots really the thing of the future?