Miss Vickers Kindergarten Class


Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far! The pledges are going towards Baxter Court, an outdoor garden and learning center at our school. This is such an awesome opportunity for our school and the kids are so excited about it! As of now, the plan is to still have the Fun Run outside, but if we have a delayed start due to bad weather, we may have it in the gym. I will keep you posted with more details as soon as I find out so stay posted so you will know where to go if you plan on coming that day and how to dress them!

Reminders and Updates

-Please remember to let us know who plans on attending Heart-to-Heart Reading at 1:30 on Friday. This will make signing in at the main office much easier.

-If you come to Heart-to-Heart Reading, try to stop by the lost and found while you are there-it is overflowing with winter items!

-We are collecting Box Tops for Education and soda tabs that go towards the Ronald McDonald House if you have either of these, we encourage you to send them in!

-If you have any questions about Valentines please let me know!

Writing Tip-Building Confidence

Many of you will notice that sometimes children are really hesitiate to start writing. They have all the foundations, they know their letter sounds, they can form the letters, they CAN do it! When children are emerging writers, it is so important to focus on building confidence more than anything else. Focus on praising them for RISK-TAKING instead of being CORRECT (knowing that cereal starts with" c" instead of "s"). Spelling correctly will be importantly in later grades, right now it is important that your child feels confident in their abilities as a writer. It is so important that your child develops a self-image as a writer without a fear of making spelling mistakes.

When they write, just remind them to write down any sounds that they hear. If you would like me to send home an alphabet chart like we use in class, I will be happy to do so! When they are finished, have them read their writing back to you, being able to read their writing is a huge step with writing. Many times they will say "I don't remember what it says!" I remind them that authors don't memorize their stories, they read them! If they are unable to read them or you see that their words do not match what they wrote, have them go back and look at the first letter of each word and use different strategies or have them edit it to put more sounds in until they are able to read their writing.

***Think of reading like this too! Build up their confidence! For example, if they read, "Mary had a little land" instead of "Mary had a little lamb" does it help them if you just say lamb? A helpful strategy is to say, "go back and read that sentence again," or find another way to have them use a strategy to solve the word. This will make them better readers without crushing their confidence as readers!