Why waste your time harvesting

When you can get get the Reaper

The Reaper

Do you ever get tired of using a sythe and using a baset to gather your crops. Well this new invention the reaper can harvest crops and gatherd them. Now you can spend less time harvesting crops and more time making money.
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The Reaper was invented by Cyrus Hall McCormick. It was created in Virginia 1831. It was invented to help farmers collect crops easier. You can use it anywhere you have crops planted. It is most help full in large open fields.

What your probably using now

Your probably using a sythe. One reason the Reaper is better is because you get even cuts than using the sythe. Another reason is the fact that that it makes it faster and it collect more crops.


I learned that Cyrus Hall McCormick made the invention the Reaper. Which was a farming tool used in the 1800's. It was a pulled machine that harvested and gatherd crops easier than doing it by hand.

This effected people because it doesn't put much back presure on them. So you can attach the Reaper to a mule, horse or cow. Thai can be very helpfull.

From my Persuasive technique I chose to Compare and contrast consumer believes one product is better than any other. I chose this because I felt like I could compare the Sythe to the Reaper.