Pelion Middle Learning Commons

October/November 2015

Hooking Reluctant Readers

How can you turn non-readers into readers?

1. Show book trailers! Students become engaged when they see print come to life. Youtube is an excellent resource.

2. Student choice is important. Students feel empowered when they are given the freedom to select their own books, regardless of reading or Lexile levels.

3. Read aloud daily. This shows that reading and learning are one in the same.

4. Have conversations about books. This shows that books are important and fosters a positive relationship between student and teacher.

5. Encourage a student to abandon a book that isn't working for them. This is how a student finds his identity as a reader.

Book Trailer of the Month: SYLO by DJ MacHale

SYLO is a 2015-2016 SCJBA nominee. You can find it in the Learning Commons.
SYLO by D.J. MacHale book trailer

What's New in the Learning Commons? Makerspaces!

Sixth-grade students have learned what it takes to be a maker. Students discovered how to make a circuit, build a catapult, and even make a banana play music. Makerspaces are popping up in libraries all over the country. As the focus of the library has shifted from consumption to creation, students are learning to build community and problem-solve in new ways. Learn more about makerspaces here.

What Else Did Students & Teachers Do in the Learning Commons during October/November?

-enjoyed a guest speaker

-experimented with makerspaces

-celebrated the arrival of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Old School.

-read books for the Read Your Way to the Big Game Contest

-participated in a book pass activity

-checked out books

-planned for the book fair

-attended training & PLCs

Student Work

This origami was created by an 8th grader.
Big image

At a Glance in the Learning Commons

  • 1164 print materials checked out
  • 840 single student visits
  • 4197 uses of Discovery Streaming by staff and studens

Coming Soon. . .

Mission and Vision

The Pelion Middle Learning Commons supports student achievement by serving as a center that is conducive to personalized learning, collaboration and creativity. As students develop new digital skills, discover their identity as a reader, and become self-directed, they become lifelong learners.