Merry Christmas!

LISD Special Programs Staff Newsletter December 2015

Information and Reminders

  • Tomorrow (Friday) is our annual Staff Meeting/Christmas Luncheon. I originally said that our meeting would start at 10:00, but since I know that most everyone is rushing to finish a very busy December, we will not begin our "meeting" until 11:00. I will be sharing in this newsletter information that I would have talked about tomorrow. We will reveal our Secret Santas at 11:00 and eat at 11:30.
  • We will also not be discussing The Carpenter tomorrow, but finish reading through Chapter 16 for our next meeting which will be February 12 at 10:00. Be prepared to discuss "The Greatest Success Strategy of All" and how that impacts what you do in Lindale ISD.
  • Just a reminder that there is an all special education staff meeting on January 14 from 3:30 - 4:30 in the HS lecture room. Please let me know if you will not be able to attend.
  • Staff Development day is February 12. Share with me any ideas or training needs you may have for that day.
  • Sarah and Irma will be cleaning the kitchen this week before the holidays. Maintenance will be coming to spray over the holidays, so be sure that you take all of your food home that you want to save. All opened food will be thrown away.
  • I will be meeting with each of you individually to review this year and plan for next year. I will send a schedule of meeting times in January.
  • Irma will be sending an email soon with the final procedures for ARD notices. We have talked with everyone to make sure we have a system that is consistent and effective for informing and reminding parents of meetings.
  • Please be sure you are completing the last four columns of the referral log. This is the information I report for SPP Indicator 11, so please let me know if there are any anticipated problems.
  • Again, be sure that you notify Sarah immediately by email of any ARD meeting instructional setting and service changes. Also, lock and turn in ARD paperwork to Sarah within 2 weeks of the ARD meeting.
  • Have a joyful and blessed holiday! I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are a blessing to our precious students and their families.

Special Education Directors' Meeting Information

The following is a list of topics and information from Special Education Directors' meetings this year:


  • All districts will be audited this year.
  • Complete the Notice to the Parent to Release Information for SHARS form at each annual ARD. This form is in SuccessEd.
  • Be sure that all special education services, including personal care, are noted in the IEP on the schedule page.
  • Complete all needed supplements, including personal care.
  • Make sure that if a student receives OT or PT, there are doctor's orders. I would like to start faxing the Physician Referral for OT or PT form from Success Ed to the student's doctor. Dr. Hand has been signing all of our forms for many years for all students, but I think it would be best for the child's doctor to complete the form if possible. If you have trouble getting the orders, please contact Sarah and she will assist with this.

Accelerated Instruction

  • Accelerated instruction must still be done if the ARD committee determines the student does not need to pass the STAAR to graduate.
  • TEA forms are not always in compliance. They are meant to be used as guidance. TEA's Accelerated Instruction Plan (AIP) form was missing the location of AIP resulting in a citation for a Region 7 district.
  • AIP must have frequency, location and duration.
  • Complete the SuccessED Accelerated Plan of Instruction form when needed, but note that it does not include frequency, duration, and location. Add this to the student's IEP. I will contact SuccessEd to see if they can make their form more compliant.

Content Mastery

  • The ARD committee does not have to have a separate goal for CM if the IEP is clear as to the purpose/goal of CM. You must still show frequency and duration just like you would on a goal. A district was recently cited for not having a goal in spite of the above information.
  • Ex of goal: From 9/25/15 - 6/5/16, using oral administration of tests, smaller student teacher ratio, and study aides, John will access grade level math TEKS through the support of content mastery 30 minutes per week.

Other information:

  • If a student fails, or has excessive absences, have an ARD meeting to address concerns. Complete the Failure Review supplement in SuccessEd.
  • Complete the Residential Facility Tracker Information for students who reside in a group home or therapeutic foster home.
  • Also, complete the Surrogate Parent supplement if needed.
  • Monitor special education students who have been assigned to AEP to make sure they are receiving special education services. Also, touch base with the student's teacher to monitor grades.

* I know there is a lot of conflicting information and questions regarding AIP and CM. We will discuss this in more depth at the January 14 special education staff meeting.

Bosses' Day

Thank you so much for my Bosses' Day presents! I enjoyed lunch, treats and gifts, and I have especially enjoyed my new key chain wallet. I haven't lost my keys one time since I got it! I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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