Eduphoria Export

*Only if you are leaving the district


If you are planning to leave Pearland ISD for another district, then you should email Christy Foster to request to have your information in Eduphoria exported. If you request this information AFTER you have left the district, you will be charged $15 for records request. Do not request to have your portfolio exported unless you are actually leaving the district. Only when you know you are leaving is this request necessary.

A Note about Your Eduphoria Portfolio:
For the most part, this document will not open in any other application except Eduphoria. If you go to a district that uses Eduphoria, they will be able to import your portfolio back into Eduphoria to continue your records in that environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are leaving the district, we also highly suggest that you complete the following tasks prior to the last week of school. Once you leave for the summer, your account will be disabled and you will not be able to access those files again.

If you are leaving the district, you MUST save your lesson plans, staff development certificates, walkthroughs/observations, etc. from Eduphoria before you leave for the summer.

Workshop: (To save certificates)
Log into Eduphoria-->Choose Workshop.

Click on My Portfolio.
Double-click a course. Then click on the drop down arrow next to the Reports Icon.

Click on “Create Certificate.”

Click on Save and choose your location (home folder or flash drive).

Forethought: (To save lesson plans)

Log into Eduphoria-->Click on Forethought.
Note: You will need to do the following for each week’s lesson plans:

Click on the Monday (in the calendar at the top) of the week that you wish to save. It will be time consuming because you will need to save each week.

Click the Print Icon-->choose the format to save your plans-->Click Save-->Choose your location
-->Click Save (Again, we suggest that you save each week’s lesson plans rather than print off each week’s plans.

PDAS 2012(To save walkthroughs & observations)

Log into Eduphoria-->Choose pdas.

Click on My Evaluations.

Click on the walkthroughs/observations that you wish to save.

Click on the printer icon-->Click Save-->Choose your location-->Click Save

If you have any specific questions, please contact your ETS or email Christy Foster.