Star Testing

By: Mathew Phelps and Lucas Miller

Taking Time

You have plenty of time on the Starr test so don't rush through it. Why would you even want to go fast the only thing you do after the test is read. If you take your time you should get a better grade. Why would you want to finish, if you take the full four hours you miss a lot of class time.

Label Important Things

Labeling important things can help you a lot. For an example if their is a bold word then you should underline it. If you see a underlined word then you should wright what you think it means, because their might be a definition question for that word.

Read the Question Carefully

Make sure you read the question carefully if you don't you could get the answer wrong. For an example underline the important things in the question. Rea-read the question over and over again. There might be something you missed or something you did not understand.

Studying For The Test

It is very important to study for the test if you don't it is possible that you could get a lower grade then what you would've got if you did study. A true fact is that the stuff you learn you lose %40 of and if you study you gain %30 of it back.