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August 13, 2019 - Arrival & Dismissal Edition

Patriot Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

School Hours 7:40 AM - 3:00 PM

School Opens at 7:15 AM

Breakfast 7:15-7:35 am

First Bell 7:25 am

Tardy Bell 7:40 am

Morning Traffic Procedures
Here are some handy tips and procedures for parents dropping off children in the morning:

  • K-5 students walking or being dropped off will enter the front door of the school or the cafeteria doors at the back of the school beginning at 7:15 a.m..

  • Vehicles may enter the “Parent Drive” on the southeast side of the school by turning off of FM 2931 to drop off at the front entrance.

  • Pre-K Drop Off occurs in 2nd entrance to the front of the building just north of the crosswalk. Pre-K staff will unload students from the right side of cars and escort them into the building. Please do not get out of the car. In the event you need to enter the school, please park in front of the school and enter through the main office to secure a visitor badge. Following the first 2 weeks of school, Pre-K students will be escorted by staff only to encourage independence. Siblings of Pre-K students may be dropped off together.

  • K-5 parents may drop off at the back entrance by entering the “Cafeteria Circle” on the west side of the school facing Providence Village. To access this, vehicles may use Waterbury Drive or Foxgrove Lane.

  • Parents are welcome to park in the visitor parking (facing FM 2931), and walk your child into the Front Office of the school. Do not park (leave car unattended) in the front or back drives. Do not get out of your car to help your student while parked in the drop-off lane. If a student needs assistance for any reason, please park in the visitor parking, and then escort your child across the crosswalk to the door. A visitor badge must be obtained (following the first day of school) if you need to enter the building beyond the front office for any reason as the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority!

  • K-5 use the right lane of the front & back drive to drop off children.

  • K-5 use the left lane of the front drive for access to the visitor parking, or to proceed to the exit.

  • Do not unload children from the left lane causing them to walk between cars in the right lane.

  • ***Following the second week of school, we are encouraging independence of all of our students. Parents may walk their students into the building. However, at this point, parents will be asked to stop at the front office and allow students to walk themselves to the classroom as a means ensuring the safety of all students while also helping our students learn responsibility as well as independence.***

Student Arrival
All K-5 students arriving between 7:15 a.m. and 7:40 a.m. may enter through the Front or Back entrances.

All Pre-K students (and their siblings) arriving between 7:15 a.m. and 7:40 a.m. may enter through the Pre-K drop off entrance just north of the crosswalk.

Students arriving between 7:15 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. will report to:

  1. Cafeteria if they will be eating breakfast

  2. Pre-K students will be escorted to the classroom

  3. All other students should report to the gym and sit in their grade-level lines

Students may enter their classrooms beginning at 7:25 a.m.

A student is tardy if he/she is not in their classroom at 7:40 a.m. All students arriving after 7:40 a.m. must enter through the office escorted by a parent/guardian to receive a tardy pass before they may enter class. In the event a parent does not escort a tardy student inside, a phone call will be made to the parent.

Student Dismissal

*All dismissal changes must be called into the front office 940-369-1900 by 2:00p.m. daily*

All Pre-K students (and their siblings) will be dismissed in Pre-K car and walker line at the north side of the building closest to the Pre-K classrooms. Car riders will be held with staff by car tag number until their number is called for pick up. Parents choosing to walk Pre-K students and siblings home will need to show their car tag to staff prior to retrieving students.

All K-5 Car Riders will be dismissed in the FRONT of the school. Car riders will be held in the front porch and will sit by car tag number until their number is called for pick up. Vehicles may enter the “Parent Drive” on the southeast side of the school by turning off of FM 2931 or from Providence Village using Waterbury Drive or Foxgrove Lane. No students will be dismissed to walk with their parents from the Car Rider Line.

Car Tags

Car tags are to be used when students are being placed in a car in the car line by a staff member.

Please help your child learn their car tag# and what it looks like as this is very helpful and allows us to quickly dismiss all students..

  1. Please display the car tag on the front mirror of the car.

  2. Please stop at the front drive entrance and wait for a staff member to place a color strip on your windshield. Once the strip is secure, please pull up to the color square indicated on the color strip.

  3. We ask that the adult driving the car remain in the car, pull forward to the color squares and allow the staff members to walk the students to the cars as they arrive at the loading zone. Staff members will then load students into vehicles and will remove the color strip from the windshield. Please do not park your car in the driveway or get out of your vehicle, as this will slow the process and create a hazardous situation. Both lanes will be utilized for loading. Students will only be released to those in vehicles and with visible car tags.

  4. Cars without a car tag will need to park and come to the office to check out the student. Identification will be required and must match contacts listed on the enrollment information.

  5. If a student is picked up after 3:10 p.m., the parent will need to come in to the school with proper identification and check them out through the office.

All Walkers will line up in their regular dismissal lines. Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:00 through the doors in the back of the building. Kinder and 1st grade students meeting with parent guardians will be checked out at this location. All walking students will walk along the sidewalks around the school to the Providence Village subdivision. Any student who does not have a Blue Unsupervised Walker Dismissal Form completed by a parent on file, will remain with teachers until a parent picks them up from the Unsupervised Walker Line (where Kindergarten and 1st grade students are dismissed).

Bike Riders will follow walkers out walking their bikes behind walkers. Bike riders will walk their bikes along this route until they reach the fence and then ride their bikes home. All bike riders should wear helmets for safety purposes.

Students/Families Needing to Cross FM 2931 will be crossed by an administrator or crossing guard.

Guardians, please encourage your student to remain on community sidewalks at all times when walking to and from school.

It is our goal to ensure that all of our students get home safely at the end of every school day.

Please know that the first few days of dismissal are longer as we are teaching our students and community the procedures. As we get into a rhythm of dismissal, the process will move quicker.

I am truly blessed to be able to serve our students, staff, and our Providence community. If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me by calling the school at 940-369-1900 or via email at

With Patriot Pride,
Jairia Diggs, M.Ed.

Providence Elementary School

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Christina Weiper - Assistant Principal

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