Physical Geography Project

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North of Mexico, South of Canada

Capital is Washington D.C located 39°N and 77°W


The U.S experiences all four season throughout the year because of its latitude on the globe. The seasons are caused by the varying distance of the earth from the sun and the tilt of the earth.

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The U.S biomes are Coniferous Forest, Desert, Grasslands, Shrublands, and Temperate Deciduous Forest. The U.S has all of these biomes because different areas of the U.S has different climates. The south has hot,dry climates,the north has cold,wet climates, the east has cold,dry climates.

Natural Disasters

The U.S contains a very well known area called tornado alley. It is the area on the earth where tornadoes are most frequently formed. It is because of the humid climate and the extensive flat land for the tornados to build. The U.S also experiences hurricanes, which build in the oceans because of rotating winds above warm waters that affect the coast cities. Earthquakes are also a problem, most commonly known in San Francisco. Earthquakes are caused when two tectonic plates rub together and build pressure that, when released, causes an earthquake on the surface. There are also volcanoes mostly exclusive to hawaii that can cause lots of damage. Pressures inside the volcano build up and eventually causes an eruption. The U.S experiences forest fires near the southwest portion the U.S because it is dry and hot there causing droughts. After a long period of droughts the strong sun will set the forest on fire.

Physical Features

Gulf of Mexico - plates rift, break apart, one folds under the other

Mississippi River - a large body of water overflows and the runoff erodes the Earth

Mt. Rushmore - plates collide and push up

Ozark plateau - plates drift under the push up a large flat block of rock

Death Valley - plates move away from each other or erosion from water/ice

Lake Michigan - water fills basins on land

Hawaii (archipelago) - Volcanism, sediment or deposition, or breaking apart of continents

Atlantic Ocean - Earth used to be completely submerged, land separated into bulks

Florida (peninsula) - plates collide and raise up flat piece of land

Cape Cod - glaciers push sediments to pile up sediments collect and forms capes

Physical Geography Of The United States