Rosa Parks

By: Skylar Dunaway

Why did I choose Rosa Parks?

I chose Rosa Parks because she stood up for herself and showed she wanted equality for all people and that everyone deserves freedom. Rosa Parks was a brave woman when she stood up for her rights and did not stand up to give her seat up to a white man . Rosa Parks respected herself and other African Americans so she had believed the rights every white man had she deserved those rights as well so she did what she thought was right. She had responsibility by doing what was right and wanted to have fairness by making her stand for citizenship.

What did Rosa Parks accomplished?

Rosa Parks act inspired the bus boycott system in Montgomery,Alabama, Parks was ¨the mother of the civil rights movement¨ in the 20th century as a seamstress many things happened. Rosa Parks sparked a citywide boycott bus system for more than a year for the blacks. During this boycott it raised up the showing of Martin Luther King,Jr. What all started this was when Rosa Park refused to give up her seat to a white man when she was asked to by the bus driver in December 1955. After refusing to stand up Parks was arrested on December 1st,1955.

What are the universal values of Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks valued fairness and respect in a few ways. Rosa Parks valued fairness by wanting everyone to have the same rights and thought everyone should have equality. Parks also valued respect, she thought she deserved respect and others needed respect even though she disobeyed the law she still respected herself and other African Americans for their right of equality.

Why is Rosa Parks a good mentor for young adults?

Rosa Parks is a good mentor because she shows the woman can also make a difference in society. She also show that everyone should stand for what they believe in no matter what anyone else says. Rosa Parks has impacted many different things throughout time like equality,freedom,speaking out,believing in yourself. Anyone can be impacted by one another and Rosa Parks is one of them that impacts a lot of people, communities in a lot of different areas.
Rosa Parks Interview