Kathy and Kenya - Summer 2016

Naomi's Village - Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

Teacher Training Trips - Summers 2013 & 2014

  • During the summers of 2013 and 2014, I travelled to to Maai Mahiu, Kenya and had the incredible opportunity of working with children and teachers of Naomi's Village and Cornerstone Preparatory Academy.

  • The LORD blessed our teams in so many ways, as we collaborated with teachers to develop effective instructional strategies for the students.

  • My heart has yearned to return to Kenya since I left in August 2013.
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Summer 2016 - Will you partner with me?

  • I feel the LORD is calling me to return to Naomi's Village this summer, specifically to work with the teacher team in the areas of growth mindset, depth and complexity and also work to develop effective mathematical inquiry strategies.

  • I would like to ask for your prayer and financial support.

Prayer and Financial Support

  • The trip is expensive and requires that I raise $3,000 before June 2016.

  • As well, I have many prayer requests and would greatly covet your prayers.

  • Thank you. I am so grateful for your friendship.