To Chew or not to Chew

Teaghan Connolly

Should Gum be Allowed in School?

With gum in class, there are two memories everyone can relate to, either you are calmly chewing gum so the teacher doesn't catch you, or you are moving your desk somewhere or just touching it and your hand gets caught in a fresh piece of gum that was stuck under the table. With situations like these it is easy to see how gum can be a nightmare, but it has its benefits. It can help students focus and keep them active and learning. It is proven that students that chew gum have better test scores and stay awake and alert.

Why should gum be allowed?

A lot of people view gum as an unhealthy habit and there is nothing worse than putting your hand under your desk only to stick it in a fresh piece of gum. But gum can not only help you get less cavities, but improve your overall success in class. Gum can increase a students brain activity and focus and it has been proven that gum can improve test scores."In addition research conducted by the American society for Nutrition found that students that chewed gum during class over a 14-week period had a significant increase in test scores and received a better final grade compared to those who didn't." Gum can help us in many ways and banning it from class, although not losing anything, can prevent students from gaining better scores and attention.