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In 1825 John Stevens made a test track for his locomotive in his yard. After that it was a race to build the first locomotives and start making tracks. They slowly started to evolve and became to what they are now. They became beasts and are way faster and useful than before and easier to move or bring supplies.


There were many inventors of locomotives and sleepers. They tried to make their own different than everyone else's. The later it got, they started to make heavier and faster trains. It often was bad though, because track builders often used the cheapest supplies and they did not last very long due to the heavier trains and more cars.

How did railroads affect North Dakota?

The trains affected North Dakota tremendously and made it the way it was. We depended on them for supplies because it was to far for wagons. Our towns were made on the railroad tracks. More and more tracks were put and slowly started building North Dakota.

Importance to North Dakota

In the earlier years, if you were a town in North Dakota, you were on the railroad. In North Dakota, we depended heavily on the railroad because that's how we got our supplies. We later did not worry because we had other means of transportation such as automobiles.
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