Singer/Song Writer

By: Brandon Weis

Nature of Work

  • As a singer, I...
  1. Record music
  2. Sing on stage
  3. Have to learn to read music
  4. Go on World Tours
  • As a songwriter I...
  1. Write songs
  2. Write music notes and symbols
  3. Work mostly in an office or studio
  4. Have to get along with my client


  • The classes I would need are...
  1. Technology
  2. Singing Programs
  3. Math
  4. Science
  5. Language Arts

Personal Impressions

  • These jobs are perfect for me because...
  1. I love to sing
  2. People say I'm good at it
  3. I love to write music

Salary (Hourly Wage)

  1. Entry Wage goes to about: $9.50
  2. Median Wage goes to about: $18.30
  3. Experienced Wage goes to about: $28.70