The Lloyd Link

1st Edition Volume 2


We Read Across America...

3L READ ACROSS AMERICA last week. We enjoyed four SEUSS-TASTIC days filled with Dr. Seuss. It's wonderful to see 3rd grade still want to read and listen to an oldie but goodie. I hope you enjoyed THE LLOYD LATTE. It was wonderful to see adults and children reading side by side. We closed The Latte at 9am to many disappointed people. It's sometimes hard to find time to sit, relax, and read something we enjoy. It was great to start our day with reading!

Journey's Jargon

Unit 4 Here We Come:

THEME was the newest strategy we added, last week, to our repertoire. We ANALYZED AND EVALUATED throughout the story as we figured out the theme of each of the stories read. We will reexamine and apply our knowledge about CONCLUSIONS AND VISUALIZATIONS as we discuss nonfiction books this week.

In addition, ADJECTIVES has been our Grammar focus. Finally, we learned about CONTEXT CLUES as our Vocabulary Strategy. It's important to understand what new words mean as we read. We learned we can use the rest of the sentence to help us understand the meaning of these words.

Math Moments

Third Grade Math gets a little interesting at this point in the year. We spent the better part of last week and this week finding patterns on the Multiplication/Division Table.

A few things we noticed:

  • We ONLY need to memorize half of the grid because our knowledge of turn-around-facts.
  • We know what SQUARE PRODUCTS are!
  • We found what kinds of products are produced when multiplying two even numbers, two odd numbers, and an even and odd number.
We will apply our problem solving abilities and apply them to real life problems while using multiplication.

CHAPTER 6 UNIT ASSESSMENT will be coming home by the end of the week. Please take a look at it and RETURN. We worked in groups of three to reexamine the Open Response Question. It was difficult for many of them. It was much easier for them to write directions as a group. It's difficult to write about Math but still very important. They all realized this through this particular problem. They all were engaged and worked together to write out the directions.



What a great app we were introduced to not that long ago! Aurasma is a program associated with Augmented Reality. It allows us to create "auras" and scan existing triggers to reveal "auras" that have been created. We used Aurasma to share our Sound Musical Instruments. The children were paired with another child. They were asked to write a script, which helped them share their project, video-tape each other using the iPads, and create a colored picture of a musical instrument. We linked the colored picture to the video. This is interactive bulletin board will be displayed at Open House in April. Be sure to download AURASMA on your smart phone or iPad so you are ready to view our projects!


Our class was asked to "pilot" a new typing tutorial. I was very excited for us to have this opportunity. The art of learning the keyboard seems to be fading quickly. I feel that it's so important for young children to learn the keyboard and the placement of the keys. It might seem that all of our current devices are linked to a touch screen but typing is a lifelong skill. I believe it's a skill we all will be using for a long time in the future.

So, we begin our "pilot" last week during our Computer Lab time. I previewed it on my own prior to class but was excited to see their reaction. We did a short tour of the program. We talked about the importance of typing and not using our pointer finger to hit every key. I sent them off to "try it out". The response was overwhelmingly positive. They were happy with the graphics, the amount of time spent on each lesson, AND it has a game they could play in between lessons if they wanted to have a little more practice.

Finally, we talked about how we want our "WORDS PER MINUTE" to INCREASE and our ERROR to DECREASE. I have the ability to print scores and their progress. It's my goal to do this after a few times on the program.

Click HERE if you want to be taken to TYPING AGENT!

Your child can also practice at home by using the link on my eBoard.

Spaceship Math

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We will soon be moving into two digit multiplication. It's imperative the children learn their math facts. Many of children are in mid-way through multiplication and having a little difficulty. Please set aside 5-8 minutes a night to practice the facts that are harder for them. It's helps tremendously!

Upcoming Events

Please Mark Your Calendars

Monday, 3/10-Friday 3/14-Tatem's Book Fair-Theme: Fiesta

Wednesday, 3/12-Family Night Book Fair

Thursday, 3/27-Techzel Money DUE

Friday, 3/28-Techzel's DELIVERED

Tuesday, April 8 @ 10am-3L and K-D will be appearing at an upcoming Community Meeting. We will be show-casing our time spent together during Buddies. We are very excited to share a video we created about The Writing Process! More info to follow!!