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November News......For Your Information....

Friendly Reminders and Tips...

- Reminder to all: Do not enter special characters in patient demographics. This includes parenthesis, hyphens, underscores, apostrophes and asterisks. Special characters cause errors with claims.

- For Insurance Verification Request: Create a ticket by emailing Be sure to include "verification" in your subject line.

- For Follow-up Request: Create a ticket by emailing Be sure to include "Follow-up" in your subject line.

Collection Facts

Patients now have higher deductibles and out of pocket costs, shifting the burden in medical practices from insurance to patient due collections. Here are just a few things that your office can do to minimize patient collections...

- A WRITTEN FINANCIAL POLICY...This policy should be given to the patient and posted on the practice website. This clearly sets expectations and gives the staff guidance in their activities.

- DISCUSSION WITH THE PATIENT ABOUT THEIR FINANCIAL OBLIGATION...Ask the patient for payment, and discuss any large balances.

- CONSISTENT COLLECTION OF CO-PAYS AND PATIENT DUE AMOUNTS AT THE TIME OF SERVICE...Most practices collect co-pays reliably, but it is also important to remind patients of past due balances and ask them to pay these while in the office.

- ABILITY FOR PATIENTS TO PAY ONLINE THROUGH A SECURE PORTAL...This is important for all practices and all patients, but keep in mind that some young patients may not have a checkbook. They are accustomed to paying bills online or with a credit card.

- COLLECTION EFFORTS OF PAST DUE PATIENT AMOUNTS...Don't let receivables age. The older the debt to the practice, the less likely it is to be paid. Follow your policy, attempt to collect from the patient and then send accounts to collections.

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Alta would like to express thanks and gratitude to all! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!
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