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Issue Date: May 11th, 2017


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Math Memo

Reporter: Bella

In math, we have been learning about how to find the circumference and area of a circle.

We did an activity that led us to see that pi is the ratio between the circumference divided by the diameter and also the ratio for the area of a circle divided by the radius squared. It is a pretty irrational number that we are using in our formulas to solve for area and circumference.

Since school is winding up, we are also reviewing some skills we need to practice to be ready for 6th grade math. We have been reviewing 2-D shapes and their properties as well as how they fit together in a hierarchy. We are also reviewing finding all of the prime numbers of any number and using factor trees to determine the prime factorization of a number.

We are finishing unit 10 at the end of the week and moving on to unit 11, which talks about converting measurements.

We are working on a project during our Wonder-Explore-Grow time that deals with thinking like an engineer and an architect. We are practicing scaling a model and converting measurements. We designed and are building scale models of tiny homes. (see photos above) We are having fun using math skills to solve a problem!

The Weather Bugs

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With Meteoroligists-in-Training Lucky and Grant

Hello all! We are passionate about weather and would like to provide you with your upcoming weather. Here is our 5-day outlook for the week:

Thursday, May 11th:

Day: AM clouds, PM sunny

Night: Partly cloudy

High: 72

Low: 47

Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 60%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Sunrise: 5:59am

Sunset: 8:22pm

Friday, May 12th:

Day: Sunny

Night: Clear

High: 73

Low: 51

Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 44%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Sunrise: 5:58am

Sunset: 8:23pm

Saturday, May 13th:

Day: Sunny

Night: Clear

High: 81

Low: 56

Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 46%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Sunrise: 5:57am

Sunset: 8:24pm

Sunday, May 14th:

Day: Sunny

Night: Clear

High: 83

Low: 65

Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 56%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Sunrise: 5:56am

Sunset: 8:25pm

Monday, May 15th:

Day: Partly Cloudy

Night: Partly Cloudy

High: 88

Low: 69

Chance of Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 62%

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Sunrise: 5:55am

Sunset: 8:26pm

Tune in next time for your latest weather and remember friends - stay cool!!!

Writing Report

Reporter: Emma

In writing we have been learning how to respond to a text. When you reflect on a text, you write down your reactions to events and characters in a text. You also infer things about the plot and characters. A reflection is when you respond as a reader to what the writer has written. The second part of a response to text is when you analyze the book with reasons and back up those reasons with text evidence.

This skill goes with the second paper we are doing in writing, which is writing a persuasive letter. We just finished reading Iqbal for read aloud and are using that book as evidence to inform and persuade people to get involved in the fight to end child labor.

We just got done writing an explanatory text on a career that we were interested in. We did research and then explained our jobs to the class.

Science Scoop

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We have been learning about what makes up an ecosystem. We learned that every ecosystem is made up of living and non-living things. Each ecosystem also has producers (that get their energy from their sun) and consumers (that get the sun's energy from eating plants or animals in the ecosystem).

We took time researching our own type of ecosystem in the world and constructed models to demonstrate how a food web shows the transfer of energy between living and non-living things.

We are now starting to discuss what an invasive species is and how it can effect the ecosystem.

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Window Wonderings with Macy

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Find out what question Macy explored off of our wonder window:

This weeks wondering is, Why do tornados hit every continent except Antarctica?

We know that tornadoes are formed when warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and cool, dry air from Canada meet, they create instability in the atmosphere. Some tornadoes are created from severe thunderstorms. Since Antarctica is so cold and no warm air comes up to meet the cold air, it doesn’t form a tornado. Tornadoes are very, very rare to occur in Antarctica, since also they don’t get very many thunderstorms, which need a lot of moisture in the air to form. Tornadoes are most likely to occur in “Tornado Alley” a part of the US.

Here is a list of the top three places to have a tornado:

  1. USA- (Tornado Alley)

  2. Canada

  3. Bangladesh

Hope you found why Tornadoes don’t hit Antarctica, see you next time with a different window wondering!!!

Rocking Reading

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Reporter: Courtney

Lately we have been working on identifying a theme supported by text evidence and a summary. We are also finding a common theme for many books and then comparing and contrasting how the authors approached the common theme and how it was similar and different. We are focusing on making sure that our themes can fit many texts, so keeping them general and broad is important. We have been growing from 4th to 5th on theme. Last year the theme might have been: accept others' differences. This year we are shooting for at least a full sentence that gives more specifics to the theme, so it might be: Accept people for who they are and not how you see them.

We are also sketch-noting for science and learning how sketches can help us understand information and be able to pull the most important ideas and details. This helps when you have a lot of information to read and need to come away with remembering the main ideas.

We also started our last read-aloud book, which is A Wrinkle in Time. It has been a classic for 5th graders for a long time! Did you enjoy this book as a kid?

That's what we've been learning in reading!

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Band and Chorus Concert

Social Studies Situation

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In social studies, here are our learning targets we have been working on for our Economy unit:

  • I can explain how creating specialization in a country can make the country interdependent on other country's economies.
  • I can recognize why and when there are barriers to trade with other nations.

We had such a great time at Biztown! It was a great day of learning that really helped us see how an economy runs and flows. We also got to enjoy seeing how it will feel to be an adult with the responsibilities of a career. We had fun learning about soft skills and work readiness skills that we will be using for the rest of our life! It was also fun to have a checkbook for a day.

Here's what some of our comments from the day were:

  • "It was super busy and fast-paced. You got there and it looked cool, but then all of a sudden you got hit with all of those responsibilities and work. It kept piling up. I almost didn't get everything done. Being an adult is busy! My mom takes care of us before school and then hops into her car and goes around working. This taught me to have more empathy for her. She works hard!" -Ethan
  • "Biztown was really fun. When I was working, people just kept passing things for me to do. There was just piles and piles of work that hit me, but it was fun to experience how adults work and that was fun. Working as a CFO was a great, new experience." -Charith
  • "It felt like real life. It felt good to be an adult for a day! It was fun working as the Talk Show Host because I got to work with a lot of kids and I got to design the script." -Isabelle

Pictures from our trip are on our class Twitter account if you would like to view them! We are now learning how we are interdependent on other economies here in the United States. We are also starting to talk about what a trade embargo is.

Student in the Spotlight

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Reporter: Gavin

It's Gavin! Our student in the spotlight this week is: Macy.

Some of her favorite things are:

Color: pink

Subject: social studies

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Sport: running

Special: P.E.

Movie: Avatar

Animal: giraffes

Childhood Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Singer: Adelle

Restaurant: Blaze Pizza

Game: Monopoly

Macy's Book Recommendations to 5th Graders: Harry Potter books, Counting by 7's

Macy has one brother and one sister! Thanks for letting us get to know you more, Macy!

News Crew: Issue #2

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Photographer: Oliver