PBL 4 War On Drugs

Help Put A Stop On Drugs


How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South American drugs from entering East Texas.

Made By: Chance Poole

Past Plans - What is being done to stop drugs from entering East Texas?

A 14 foot wall to stop people from climbing over.

There is a navy to keep people from smuggling drugs through the gulf.

Made By: Jack Page

Solution - Some of our ideas of how to stop drugs entering East Texas are . . .

Here are our ideas

We thought we needed more border control because cartels can still get in the border and sell drugs or get out of the border and sell drug.

We thought we needed more air control because cartels are shipping drugs in aircrafts.

We thought we needed more military because we can be a lot safer.

We thought we needed more navy because cartels are bringing drugs on boats and the navy can get on there boats and hunt them down.

Made By: Sadie Felts


So the problem that we began with was we had to stop drugs from entering Texas.

We decided that we needed more military, more border, more navy, and more air force.

The reason they should use our plan is because they would have a better plan at catching the cartels.

Made By: Jacqueline Cloutier

What I learned in this PBL

I learned that Columbia is a big producer of cocain. Sadie Felts

I learned that there isn't enough military to stop people from smuggling drugs in the U.S. Jack Page

I learned what a cartel is and how they ship the drugs in. Jacqueline Cloutier

I learned that we have a fence around the border and people do crazy things to get across the border. Chance Poole