Should We Finnish Our Schools?

By Evan Bannow, Ryan Hayes, And Alexander Muraski

Do you think Us Education is not what it should be? Finland has a unique style of learning, yet there one of the top education system. Finland has a remarkable education system, which makes it one of the best education systems I'm the world. Finland has such a unique and sesscufl education system. American education should take some ideas from Finnish schools to boost test scores.

Length of school day and Year

In Finland they start there school during mid to late August and end early June. The time schools start and end vary every day but, the most common school days last around six and a half hours long, and they also have longer breaks in between classes, around ten to fifteen minutes long. Finland schools have times that are similar to ither Countires.

Graduation and Dropout rates

The graduation and dropout rates in Finland are amazing, around 93% of students pass high school and only 2% drop out. This sounds nice, but not a all of them go to college. You'd think with higher education standards you would get more than 66% of graduated students going to college.

Class Sizes

The Average class size for findland is lower than most of the primary countrys in the world. Findland class sizes average around 20 students per class room. Korea and Japan average around 35 students per class room. This may sound bad for Findland classrooms but with less students in the classroom there is less distractions and bigger opportunity for students. Therefore increasing the overall learning porduction in the class.

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Salary For Teachers

A huge issue in the society of teaching is the paycheck. Finnish teacher's on average make around 40,000 a year. Now that may not sound like a lot of money in US dollars, but that has more value in Finland.This is mainly becuse the cost of living in Finland is cheaper. Which Makes it easier to live on the salary they recive. Also teacher paychecks in Finland are high compared to global Statistics. Almost half of all primary country's pay their teachers less than Finland. Concluding that teachers in Finland make very high pay compared to other countries.

Do Finnish Students Get Homework?

Uniquely Finnish schools rarely give out home work . Some Finnish schools don't give out homework until the fifth grade. Critics may say that this system can create slackers and raise dropout rates but in fact it's actually the opposite. The Finnish school system has a dropout rating of 8%. That is a dwarf compared to Americas massive 25%. As we see that this unique school system may be the way to teach for other countrys.

Do Students take Standardized Tests?

Most Counties Take many standardized tests. US schools take many tests yearly to measure adademic secsuss. Genneraly American Schools start to measure adademic at age 7. While in finland seven year olds are just starting school. The students in America start at age five. Finnish Spchildren take one standerdized tests. They must take this test when they turn 16 years old. A very unique testing system. In fact most kids take little tests thoughout there entire school carrer in Finland. Suprisingly they get high tests scores and do very well in school.

Technology Use in Finnish Schools

Schools of the 21st Centery are using tecnology more frequently. In our school district we have smart boards. Much like us Finland has smart boards as well. Smart boards are a good alternative to white boards. On the other hand smart boards are the only teachnonogy they use in school. They dont have School Ipads like us. Finnish schools Dont use as much teachnogy yet they have some of the highest test scores globally.

How Are teachers viewed in society.

Most Counties View Teachers as people who determine kids future. In America for example, techaers are viewed like regular people with not much special treatment. On the other hand teachers in finland are treated like doctors and laywrs. They get special treatment as they are trianing the future of there county. Finalnd has a very diffrent view about teachers they feel they need to be recongnized as great and fantasitx intivusials. Finalnd isnt the only county who repoects there teacher greatly. South korea has some of the same meathods. Finland Has one of the most respected system of teachers, making them proud to teach the future of there coumtyr.

We concluded that Finnish school systems go above and beyond in the term of uniqueness and greatness. They Haveless drop outs and a lower budget. From our information we see that the Finnish school systems can and is one of the best in the world. Even though some students won't go off the college, the kids still get a chance to be taught happily and completely.

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