Genetically Modified Foods

You have the right to know what you are eating

What is Genitically modified food?

Well in short, it is chemically altered food products to better human health. But is it really better for humans? Many disagree on whether or not it is healthy to eat GMF's Because the pro's and cons are equal, but ignoring to label foods chemically altered; does that sound right to you?

The Benefits

Can some good come from artificially enhanced foods? Yes, there are some benefits that are a result of GMF's. That is why some people believe they are more beneficial than harmful. The genetically modified food can help world hunger, enhance medical vaccines and prevention of illnesses, eliminate pesticides, and fight malnutrition. The genes exchanged from different products and released into another can give the new food product the ability to rapidly grow and then distribute it across the world feeding everyone. Also, the genes injected into another food can be utilized in the production of vaccines and antibodies enhancing the prevention of illness. The GMF is resistant to pests which is the sole reason pesticides were invented, so the use of them would no longer be necassary. Finally, the newly improved food has different key elements of nutrition that would cure malnutrition.

The risks

Are there any risks pertaining to genetically modified foods? Yes, there are equal amounts of risks to benefits of GMF's. Scientists did little to no studying or tests on the health risks of these foods leaving a greater chance for things to go wrong with the consumer, the tests scientists did do, were inadequate in showing potential harm, the GMF's possibly contain a toxin, and they may increase allergenic reactions. With the new invention of this genetic altering technology, scientists failed to do adequate tests to find out the possible risks of altering natural food; putting the consumer at great risk. Also, the GMF's possibly contain a toxin that appeared in rats that could affect humans as well. Finally, with the production of genetically modified foods, allergenic reactions could occur because no proven test can truly show allergenic reactions before being released into the food industry.

Labels or lies?

The controversial subject of genetically modified foods is too often debated on being good or bad for human health. The pros and cons are equal hence the reason why so many people disagree on it. So if it isn't anonymous on whether to eat it or not, doesn't it make sense to label it on the food we eat? We as humans have different opinions and make different choices, so by informing the public on what is in the food we are eating is essential.


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