Deaths of coral reefs

By; Carlos, Jaime, and Morgan

The coral reefs

Coral reefs are little colonies for tiny marine fish that stay there for protection and the nutrients that the coral's have.

The deaths of coral reefs

The coral reefs are dying off of many things like hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and crown of thorns starfish which is eating them like other marine fish.

The Issues that affect the coral reefs

The coral reefs are dying because people are not caring about them and are also doing other stuff in the ocean that kill them.

What is the affects on the ocean wild life

All of these actions lead to ugly ocean, less coral fish, and proboly the end of the ocean food chain.

The affects on League city

The affects on our city would be low because we dont really eat that much fish or live close to the far oceans.

The affects on other people

There are affects on other people like science test that study the coral and coral fish

What causes these issues

The things that cause these issues are other fish that eat the coral or earthquakes, hurricanes, and also people stepping on them.

What can we do to protect the coral

We can move some coral fish to another place and harvest them

Other solutions

We can have people have signs that say " No swimming area " so they dont swim or step on them.