The Life of JFK

Maggie Miller, Grace Rosario, Rebecca Snider

JFk's Pre-Presidential Life

JFK was born May 29th, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the second out of nine siblings along with his brother Robert Kennedy who was also a presidential candidate before he was assassinated. Kennedy's parents, Joseph and Rose Kennedy, sent John to the Canterbury and Choate school. He later went on to attend Harvard, an ivy league college. JFK was diagnosed with with Addison's disease as a child which limited his ability to easily join the navy. The navy rejected Kennedy multiple times before they finally let him join in 1941 due to the fact he wouldn't have had easy access to medicine if he were to get sick. However, they let him in and he eventually ended up stranded on a deserted island. With this adventure under his belt he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal. Nixon also served in the navy but he was more of a behind the scenes worker, making him seem like less of a "war hero" than Kennedy.

The Election of 1960

Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon in the election of 1960. Lyndon Johnson was chosen as JFK's vice president and later became the president of the United States after Kennedy was assassinated. Although Nixon was more experienced in politics, Kennedy was viewed as a younger, more energetic, and more attractive candidate. In order to win the presidency, Kennedy knew that he would have to overcome his health, the fact that he was catholic, and that voters viewed him as politically inexperienced. Kennedy succeeded in getting the minority votes, the women votes, and southern votes, thanks to LBJ.

The New Frontier

During Kennedy's presidency, bankruptcy in businesses was at it's highest level since the 1930's depression. Over 5.5 million people were out of jobs and farming incomes had dropped 25%. Kennedy decided to step in and help these people by submitting multiple plans to congress, most of which never saw the light of day. However, Kennedy started to make decisions made to lower taxes, protect the unemployed people, increase the minimum wage, focus on housing and businesses, and lastly to try and boost the economy. He also aimed to help regarding the civil rights movement. JFK started to bring up the civil rights act but it wasn't passed until July 2nd, 1964 by LBJ. Kennedy's last major project included NASA with the space race against the Soviet Union.

Kennedy is Assassinated

On November 22nd, 1963 our beloved president was shot and killed while passing through downtown Dallas with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy. JFK was shot twice in the head and neck by Lee Harvey Oswald. Kennedy was pronounced dead at the hospital not long after, meanwhile, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot two days after by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, while being walked into jail. After JFK was killed there were many conspiracy theories stating that Oswald wasn't working alone. However, Earl Warren, the chief justice stated that he was in fact working alone.