It's COOKIE time!

Tagalongs, thin mints, trefoils...

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I can guess what your New Year's Resolution wasn't...

I can almost guarantee that eating cookies wasn't your New Year's Resolution! These cute little girls are smart! They wait until you are bored with your diet- and then start luring you in with memories of your childhood... (they are awfully cute huh!! My niece Makenzie during their first cookie sale!)


Operation cookie drop!

The perfect solution to feeling like you need to crave on your sugar detox, is to participate in Operation Cookie Drop! You get to support these precious ones, teach them a lot of about life, and support our troops! Never heard of it? Check out the video here about the NC troops (it made me cry!)--->

The girl scouts have donated 800,000 boxes of girl scout cookies to our troops!

I ask you, where ever you are located- to please make it a goal to donate AT LEAST 1 box to the troops this year! I am sure they will surpass 1 million boxes, and if you have watched the video- it is VERY apparent that these cookies really do make a huge difference!

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I am donating personally, and through my small business!

I will donate a box of cookies to Operation Cookie Drive for every order that I receive during the months of January and February. Just shop my boutique

Cookies for CANDI I am calling it. (CANDI- huh? short for (c)hloe AND (i)sabel. C AND I. )

Your donations will be helping Makenzie to reach her cookie goals (learn how to use their manners, problem solve, money management, work as a team), and helping our troops feel a huge warm hug from our community! So instead of buying cookies you don't need... buy some jewelry, or a candle, or lipgloss (or birthday presents, hey Christmas is 11 months away)- and I will donate to operation cookie drive. You keep feeling fabulous AND help a little girl and the troops to accomplish goals!

Hope you are all staying warm!! This photo of Makenzie was taken when it was below freezing (last year when they were Daisies- now they are brownies)! They were definately "troop"ers! From Makenzie's girl scout troop to our troups protecting us, thank you!!

Over and out-