Exhibit in USA for as low as 14000

Artefact Group Show: 5-7 July 2013, Providence City, USA

Hurry! Limited Space!!

Indian Art is much valued and appreciated abroad, especially among the Indian Community. Artefact presents an opportunity to exhibit YOUR art in USA without you having to go there.

Alpana Lele knows this as she herself has had 2 exhibitions in USA. Artefact is an initiative by established artist Alpana Lele to help fellow artists showcase their art abroad in an affordable way.

Artefact presents its first ever group show in Providence City in USA, capital of the State of Rhode Island. The group show will be held at the Annual expo of BMM during July 2013.

Limited space available. Contact today!

Artefact Group Show Confirmed Participants

  • Alpana Lele - Goa
  • Ankit Gujar - Pune
  • Annu Naik - New Delhi
  • Arvind Kolapkar - Pune
  • Bijay Biswal - Nagpur
  • Dhanashree Pendse - Pune
  • Gayatri Siddhaye - Goa
  • Harsha Mandurkar - Goa
  • Juilee Mahajan - Pune
  • Jyoti Mehta - Goa
  • Kavita Joshi - Mumbai
  • Makarand Jadhav - Pune
  • Nandini Raiker - Goa
  • Netra Sathe - Mumbai
  • Nirupa Naik - Goa
  • Pratima Dalal Vaidya - Mumbai
  • Sadguru Chendvankar - Goa
  • Shreya Naik - Goa
  • Shridhar Kamat Bambolkar - Goa
  • Shobha Patki - Pune
  • Suhas Bahulkar - Mumbai
  • Renu Patankar - Pune
  • Rohini Pai Kakode - Goa
  • Vinita Chendvankar - Goa

Artefact Group Show @ BMM Convention 2013

Friday, July 5th 2013 at 10am to Sunday, July 7th 2013 at 12pm

1 Sabin Street

Providence, RI

  • Well Established event since the past 15 years
  • Stalls and displays from all over India
  • Indian as well as American footfalls from across the USA
  • Strategically timed around USA Independence Day and Weekend for maximum footfall

What Makes Artefact Stand Apart?

  • No Commission on sales - ever! What you earn, you keep. Minus of course any taxes and shipping expenses
  • Organised by an Artist - Complete understanding of art
  • Affordable by all - Lets face it, art is not like IT, participation costs have to be realistic!
  • Artefact will print brochures with profiles of all participating artists.
  • Send no paintings now. All paintings to be sent by May 2013.

Earlier the stalls are booked, the better the chances of getting a premium location.