Friday Focus

"Building Tomorrow's Future Today!"

January 15, 2016

Volume 2 Issue #17

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This Week...


Monday- 1/18

Student/Staff Holiday

Tuesday- 1/19

TPRI - K-2nd

Wednesday- 1/20

TPRI - K-2nd

Thursday- 1/21

TPRI - K & 1

Friday- 1/22

TPRI - K & 1

End of 4th 3 Weeks

Upcoming Events...

Monday- 1/25

Faculty Meeting @ 4pm

HFISD Board Mtg. @6:30pm

Tuesday- 1/26

Wednesday- 1/27

Progress Reports Go Home

Thursday- 1/28

GLC Mtg. @ 4

Friday- 1/29

Just for Fun

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Important Information

  • The 100th day of school is quickly approaching! This year the 100th day of school will fall on Thursday, February 4th! Just sending a reminder to mark your calendars. Information about how HFE will celebrate the 100th day will be sent home with students next week. What was the month of January named after and why?

  • This month we're planning to switch up the format of our faculty meeting, by hosting a "flipped" faculty meeting. The purpose of a "flipped" faculty meeting is to transform the traditional leader-driven meeting into a leadership meeting, where time is spent in a more engaged/creative manner. You will be provided with all of the agenda item information in a digital format prior to meeting, so that you can review and take note of any questions or clarifications you may have. At our faculty meeting we will host a short Q&A session for the agenda items and the remaining time will be spent discussing Toy Box Leadership and learning about each other through fun activities. It is our hope that the future of our faculty meetings will become an anticipated time of learning and team building!
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  • Thank you to the following individuals for volunteering your time at Monday night's Math a Big Deal event. Your help was greatly appreciated and helped ensure a successful evening!
Ashley Guthrie
Lois Johnson

Alisha Martin

Alisha Davis

Becky Franklin

Lely Lopez

Carly Holley

Tamra Miguez

Misty Burris

Sarai Pompa

Misty Pierson

Darby Meguess

Wendy Spacek