Perkins' Pups Newsletter

September 30, 2013



Thank you so much for sending in the snacks daily. I appreciate you being diligent in remembering to do this. Please remember to send in just one snack per day. I can understand if you want to put several snacks in for the week, just make sure your children know to eat one a day. We have a limited time to eat while we are either independently reading or writing. I hate for them to eat one snack, get started on the second one only to run out of time and have to throw it away! Please let me know if you have further questions!

This is a repeat from last week! I have several kids pulling out two snacks. We just don't have time for it because they are wanting to talk instead of eat. Thanks so much for working with me to keep this running smoothly!

Scholastic Book Order

Please turn in your Scholastic Book Order by Friday if you want to order. If you order online that is fine as well. Please refer to the email that I sent on how to order. If you have trouble accessing, you can send in a check made out to Scholastic!

Why Blog?

Don't forget to sign into for this week's question! To sign in, type in my name at the top. Perkins Pups third grade class will appear at the bottom. Click on it, have your child find their name, type in the password....perkins. Start Blogging!!! Email if you have problems! The kids and I will log in again today to see who has completed their first assignment and show them how to get in one more time!