Prosthetics in sports

2016 events will bring advanced prosthetic to use

2016 Paralympics

In 2016 Paralympic will introduce a lot of new technology. The knee will become smaller and the leg will have microprocessors. Which will give ability to change foot for the different events with the use of a button

2016 Cybathlon

Athletes want Paralympic rules to have new options. 2016 Cybathlon will be the first to have 'robot-assisted Olympics.' The events will include powered exoskeleton races, and use of Brain-Computer Interface.

Athletes with Prosthetic

" Sport, but not as we know it – Run like a cheetah, jump like a flea, and hit every target every time. A new generation of prosthetics are promising to transform sporting competition." ~Kieron Monks

The Most Advanced Leg

Ottobock's new Genium X3, the most advanced prosthetic leg in the world, co-developed with the US military. With a micro-processor that adjusts to user's needs, different types of movement from jogging to climbing stairs, and a change of terrains