Kohler Cougar News

February 1, 2016

ELA Objectives

At the end of January, we really focused on analyzing character traits, how characters can change throughout a story, and comparing characters within the same story. We also practiced identifying more than one main idea of a text and locating details to support each main idea. Over the next couple weeks, we will be reading both fiction and non-fiction texts to practice the skill of summarizing. We will learn how to use organizers and strategies specific to summarizing fiction text and specific strategies for summarizing non-fiction texts.

We have been writing several drafts in our Writing Notebooks to practice incorporating qualities of a narrative. Last week we began creating a story mountain to organize our ideas for the topic we will write and follow through to the publishing stage. Some of us chose to use a topic we began writing over the past couple weeks and some of us chose a new idea to write as our narrative. We are all excited for the opportunity to write a story that develops our characters and applies what we have learned and will continue to learn about narratives.

Math Objective

We will be reviewing Topic 8 today in preparation for our test over this topic on Tuesday. We will begin Topic 9 on Wednesday. Topic 9 focuses on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Please continue to have your child practice their basic multiplication and/or division facts so their ease of recalling these facts will support the skill of accurately identifying common denominators.

We will most likely test over Topic 9 during the week of February 8th.

*Below is a link to our Math program. Here you and your child can access the text book electronically as well as download practice pages or homework. The students can also play games at a 5th grade level or below to practice basic skills.

Your child's username is their full name followed by the last 3 digits of their lunch number (no spaces) and their password is FHSD followed by their full lunch number (no spaces).

*There are also some links below to help practice math facts at home.


Over the past weeks, we have been observing and collecting data on the growth of our radish seeds in our terrariums. Some of the results really surprised us and rejected our hypotheses when we took away a vital part of plant growth (water, soil, light). During the next couple weeks we will be learning about matter and how it can change. We will use our non-fiction summary strategies as we read about matter and use small labs to demonstrate and do some interactive learning about matter.


We will be testing over Weeks 20 and 21 over the next couple weeks.

Week 20-Latin Morpheme -ject-

Week 21-Latin Morpheme -port-

*Below is a link to Spelling City. Here your child can print copies of a list if it happens to get lost and use games and quizzes to practice their words for the week. You can also preview the list for the upcoming week. Spelling City will also say the words as well, if your child needs guidance pronouncing a word.

Reminders and Celebration

Reading Logs and WIGs: Please remind your child to complete their reading homework every evening and turn in their completed log every morning. Your child's personal reading WIG (Wildly Important Goal) of reading minutes is tracked by this form. Then as a class, we keep track of the percentage of our class meeting our individual goals. We have been steadily decreasing in our percentage. So, please remind your child of the importance of strong study skills and responsibility for their homework in order to create good habits now in preparation for middle school.

Six Flags Reading Program: I will be collecting these forms on February 19th. If your child has been reading as a part of this program, please have him or her turn in the form on that date for a ticket to Six Flags.

Celebration: We have been setting an increasing goal for the number of students scoring 90% or above on our weekly Spelling test. We are proud to say that we have been gradually increasing our goal over the last few weeks and meeting it. Our ultimate goal is to have all 24 students score 90% or above. Last week we had 21 students score 90% or above. We had set our goal to 20, so we were extremely happy to see that we surpassed our goal and are close to our overall goal.

Read-a-Thon Update: Warren has raised a phenomenal total of $14,295 with $10,721.25 going back to Warren to help our school purchase literature resources. Our class has raised $145 dollars and our grade level has raised $750. So, huge thank you goes out to those who were able to donate and/or at least have your child set up their read-a-thon page. If you would still like to donate, it's not too late! Our read-a-thon will end February 4th, which is the last day to donate. Please ask your child about the read-a-thon page he or she set up to collect donations. If you have any questions, please let me know, and I can guide you through the process of donating or can help find out any more information you may need.

Valentine Exchange

We generally do not have a class party to exchange valentines. We will have a little time set aside at the end of the day on February 11 to exchange valentines for students who would like to do so. Students may bring in an appropriate sized box either made (decorated) or some other type of container to collect valentines. If your child would like to bring in valentines to exchange, please do not have them fill out individual student names on the cards. Please have them sign just their own name to ease the process of handing them out to everyone in the class.

Important Dates

February 2-Topic 8 Math Test

February 2-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 4-Last day to donate for Read-a-Thon

February 5-Week 20 Spelling Test

February 5-PTO Trivia Night 7:00pm

February 9-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 11-Week 21 Spelling Test

February 11-PTO Skate Night

February 12-No School (Teacher Professional Development)

February 15-No School (President's Day)

February 16-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 19-Leadership Day

February 19-Six Flags Reading Form Due

February 23-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 24-PTO Papa Johns Pizza Night