Romeo and Juliet

made by ; Ja'Re clemons

Blame it on me

In regard to the parents not getting along and living them in blame of Romeo and Juliet's death . and causing them to run to friar Laurence to marry both of them of true love and not thinking of both side effects to both of them . they wouldn't have to hide there love for each other if the to side got along with each other " A sleeping potion ;which so took effect"by giving Juliet a potion he had thought it would say a big goodbye to all of the war and give it with love"As long as we just say goodbye blame it on me say its my fault"(michele 15). by romeo and Juliet killing themselfs is having both parents feeling qaulty and sad
Chrisette Michele - Blame it On Me *Lyrics*

My fault

it my fault family fight ,

its my fault love dies ,

its my fight love is real,

my fault we are not the same,

our's to blame parents fault of the opposite side .

Because of both families fighting all the causing a big seance at the end of all families to loos a loved one to realize that fighting isn't always the answer and families are always the answer but both side where lost in who's not the same as they are and not able to love the opposite. they should at least then realized that even if your different you could still fall for each other and not be in a heavy gualt

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who to blame

in addition to the parents blame, there action to cause both sides to loos a family member, if they both would have got along they wouldn't be having to loos each love one and leaving Romeo and Juliet to run to friar Laurence to be married ..."i prey thee,chide not ;she whom i love now.."(Shakespeare act II scene II) . Romeo would be having to go behind parents back just to be marry to the one he love's . Juliet even would have to fake her own death to be with someone she loves .."Give me,give me !tell not me of fear ....Farewell !God knows when we shall meet again"(Shakespeare act IV Scene III). based off of Juliet asking for a new way to be free and not judge by the parents on who she married she took a potion to fake a death , if the parents would not care so much off of different she would have to kill herself with romeo to be together .