Wheelchair Rugby

"U may think it is not for you, but just come try the sport”

May the Best Team Win!

The gladiators’ legs were tucked inside their machines. On their hands, they placed a foam-like wrap, followed by gloves and metallic tape, sticky side up, ready for battle. The rough sport they are about to play is wheelchair Rugby. Wheelchair rugby is a combination of demolition race and basketball. Some guys ohio started a team for the sport. They all are paralyzed form different things like a car wreck, jumping off a house into a pool, and falling off a monkey bar. This sport helps them all phisicly and mentally feel normal. Coach Megan Hass has even said “We can walk everywhere; they can’t," said Haas.“It’s so awesome to see people with disabilities play at a competitive level and become more independent.”


Quadriplegics- someone that has problems with their arms and legs

Wheelchair rugby- a mix of basketball and demolition derby.

Physical disabilities- a condition or function judged to be signifigently impaired related to the usual standard of an individual or group.

Main idea, Authors purpose,Questions, and Organization of the article

Main idea of the article:

Disabled people who play wheelchair rugby.

author’s purpose:

To persuade people that wheelchair rugby helps people with spinal cord injurys and helps them.


What is wheelchair rugby simuler to? Demolition racing and basketball.

How much do they practice? every day for 3 hours

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important Quotes


“You might think it’s weird and not for you, but just come to a practice and try the sport- for the betterment of your health” said Zuravel.

“We can walk everywhere; they can’t," said Haas.