6East Hatchet PBL Project

What does it mean to be a survivor?

6East students read the Gary Paulsen novel "Hatchet." The theme for LA in sixth grade is the power of the individual. In Social Studies students learn about early man and his struggle for survival. Students will explore the theme of survival and what is needed to survive in the wilderness, on the moon and in ecosystems around the world. They will create a list of survival items as a class. They will watch an episode of "Man Vs. Wild." They will participate in a NASA online survival quiz. They will research and read real life survival stories and summarize the article. They will create, in groups, video diaries.

Voice & Choice

Students will be able to:

  • Choose their own real-life survival article they connect with from The Hub resources.
  • Use a variety of print and online resources & databases.
  • Design their own survival video diary podcast.
  • Provide peer review and revision.
  • Work independently as well as collaborate in a group environment.

Real Life Survival Stories

Students will use The Hub resources to locate and choose a real life survival story. These articles can come from respectable online resources like those listed below. Or by using the InfoTrac Junior Edition database. Limit search parameters to Magazines & Newspapers. Suggested search terms include: wilderness survival; survival story; Survival After Airplane Accidents, Shipwrecks, Etc.; Survival Skills.

Look for an article you can connect to. Read through a few and evaluate them before choosing which one you want to summarize and share with your class. Once you've chosen please notify either Miss Burke or Miss Menesale. We'll then have you print your article (please only hit print once!). Read through it completely once. Then read the article a second time with a highlighter to identify the important elements.

Students will write a summary of the article as provide a Works Cited page.

MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources

Using the tips provided by the Purdue OWL online writing lab to cite your article. Following your summary provide a Works Cited page.