3B and 3D News

November 18th - November 22nd


WOW: Divisor- The number that you are dividing by. Ex: 12/3 = 4... 3 would be the divisor.

Next week in math we will continue to work on multiplication using arrays and other strategies.

We will also review and assess what we have learned in math so far this year such as:

-Telling time

-Regrouping (addition and subtraction)


-Place value

-Math vocabulary


We will continue to do various experiments that involve force and motion. We will also review all we have learned in this unit so far, such as:





Watch this video of our awesome learners in action!

English Language Arts

During writing time, we will share our imaginative stories with our peers.

For word work, we will work as a whole group on two specific spelling rules. New words will not be coming home until after Thanksgiving break.

For reading, we will be exploring non-fiction text and its features such as a table of contents, an index, glossary, bold and italicized print, etc. We will also be finishing up Little House in the Big Woods.

Social Studies

We will be sharing our explorer projects with our peers. I was so impressed with all of the creativity! We have posters, books, videos, reports, and PowerPoints. Wow. Great job third graders! You've learned so much.

Important Information

Did you know Ms. Paraliticci won a Super Teacher award from the district for the Endangered Animals Project? Ask your kids what they have been doing and learning! It's fantastic!

Did you know that Mrs. Munoz wrote a grant to get stand-up desks in her classroom? After doing much research, she thinks these desks would be extremely beneficial. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVlS2TAb-js. We find out on Wednesday if the grant was approved!

CISD Academic Olympics registration is open! Please encourage your student to participate in this fun event. Click to find out about each event, and to register.
After your online registration is complete, please send $10 (cash only) marked with your child's name to their homeroom teacher. Due to large numbers of registrants, please do not inquire if your registration was received. Teams will be contacted by 12-06, and will begin practicing the week of 12-09. This year, parents will be responsible for coaching.

Hopefully you've emailed us if you will be coming on the field trip. Money and permission slips are due on Wednesday!

We can't wait to see everyone dressed as pioneers on Friday! We are going to have such a fun-filled day!

Mark Your Calendars!

November 21st: Field Trip to Heritage Village

November 22nd: Pioneer Parade at 8:00am

November 25th-29th: Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your family time!

Home Fun

Math: Please be reviewing addition and subtraction facts at home. Once these are mastered, review multiplication facts.

Make sure your child is on Reflex or Think Through Math 3-4 times a week. This needs to be monitored to insure the learner is not just clicking but really working.

Reading: Read. Read. Read. iStation. iStation. iStation.

Contact Us!

As always, we are here for you and your learner. Call or email if you need anything!

Shelly Munoz smunoz@coppellisd.com

Natalie Paraliticci nparaliticci@coppellisd.com

(214) 496-7300