Grade Two Mobile Apps

Technology & Enhancing Learning

Science Heroes 1: The Digestive System for Kids

An incredibly entertaining and educational app for children that will excite, engage, and teach children valuable information about their bodies. After teaching my students about the digestive system I would instruct them to open this app and apply their knowledge to defeat five bosses and become a digestive hero. There is also a video within the app to review how the digestive system works.


A place where learning is fun, simple, and a beautiful experience! Bitsboard offers free access to tens of thousands of gorgeous flashcards and carefully curated lessons across dozens of languages. After learning about exotic animals of the world I would instruct my students to take the true or false quiz to assess whether they can match the names of the exotic animals they just learned about to their pictures.


A great resource that introduces, teaches, and reviews grammar. The app includes character descriptions for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. In one Language Arts class I would introduce what nouns are to my students and then encourage them to play the games associated with nouns and also instruct them to take the quizzes offered.


Students can practice reciting math facts, counting money, telling time, recognizing fractions, decimals, geometric shapes, number patterns and even square roots. Every time a child completes a task, they earn money that can purchase rocket parts. After learning about money in our measurement unit I would instruct my students to play the game that involves counting money as a fun way to build on their understanding.

Word Bingo

Using a Bingo game format, the child taps each word read aloud. When they score a "BINGO," they collect a cute animated bug. Other features include spelling practice, an interactive word block tower, and engaging opportunities to fling bugs into a warp zone when a child identifies a word correctly. Before I have my student's write in their daily journals I would ask them to play this game to build on their knowledge of words and practice proper spelling.