Environmental Study Project

Claudia Marrero

My Map

I assist to Liberty Middle School at 3405 South Chickasaw Trail in Orlando Florida.I also visit Fashion Square Mall on the East Colonial Drive. Frequently I go to visit my grandparents at Arbors Lee Vista


About the temperatures in Orlando, there are cold temperatures from November through March, and hot temperatures from April to October, with an annual average temperature of 72.3 Farenheit. the average annual rainfall record was 41.11 inches. there are several effects about the weather in Central Florida. Sometimes it is rainfall in the spring, and followed by wildfire heat when rain dries up. a severe weather, below normal temperatures, increase number of low pressure systems in the Gulf of Mexico during the winter. Almost always reduces the frequency of storms and hurricanes.The cold weather affects the water parks and hot weather affects the wildlife.

Natural Disasters

The major Natural Disasters in the past 10 years were: HUrricanes-Charley-and Tropical Storm Bonnie Frances,Ivan and Jeanne (2004),Dennis,Katrina and Wilma (2005).

The frequency of some events specially Hurricanes ocurrs on June 1 and last until November 30 each year better known as Hurricane Season.

Eight ways to prepare for disaster:

1. Select a safe place for the family,windowless room on the bottom floor.

2. Stock up non perishable food and water.

3. Be sure to refresh stock of supplies.

4. Stock up batteries, flashlight,clothing and other essentials.

5. Watch the news.

6. Develop a family communication plan.

7. Plan your family pets.

8.Keep your vehicles gassed up to at least half a tank.


Prior to be known by its current name. Orlando was known as Jernigan. This originates from the first permanent settler, Aaron Jernigan, a cattleman who acquired land along Lake Holden by the terms of the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. City officials and locals

legends say the Orlando originated from a soldier named Orlando Reeves who died in 1835 during a supposed attack by Native Americans in the area during the Second Seminole War. Orlando is a city in the U.S. state of Florida and a popular tourist destination. Located Central Florida it is the county seat of Orange County and the Greater Orlando Metropolitan area.The Greater Orlando Metropolitan areas has a population of 2,134,411. According to the American Community Survey of 2006-2008, 69.3% of Orlando's residents over the age five spoke only English at home.Spanish speakers represented 19.2 % of Orlando's population. Speakers of other Indo-European languages made up 9.0% and Asian language made up 1.9% of the population.


Housing Price In Greater Orlando went up 37.08% in one year.Historically, the unemployment rate in Greater Orlando was low, which resulted in growth that led to urban Sprawl in the surrounding area and combination which the United States housing bubble. Orlando is the home city of Orlando Magic NBA team.The Orlando City USL Pro Soccer team. The Orlando Predators Arena Football League team. Residents have many pastimes like outdoors activities.Theme parks,water sports in beaches and lakes.


Wildlife in Florida iais about of birds, bugs, butterflies,flamingos, gators, manatees,pelicans,fish,and many other species. There are many species that contribute with the environment like birds. There are other dangerous animals like gators and bears. For me the most fascinating animal is the Eastern gray squirrel. There are gray color and sometimes have brownish color. The head and body length is from 23 to 30 cm. The tall length is from 19 to 25 cm.


We can mention many cultures in Orlando

areas.Hispanics,Indy,Chinese,Hatians,Brazilian people are many of them.My culture is part of the Hispanics ,I am puertorican.Puerto Rico is an island from the Caribbean, and is a United States territory. Is important that several cultures develop a country to get diversity and a colorful citizenship.That is a characteristic of the United States.

Overall Reflection

It was very interesting the research about every topic of this assignments.Find the maps of the points of interest and get the weather information was very exciting.Topic like Natural Disasters and History aren't my favorites topics.But my favorite topic were about the wildlife because I love nature,animals and the Cultures issues because I just have nine months here in Orlando.I am proud of my culture and very happy because I can integrate my self in the American Culture.I think that all topics are related. The weather relates with natural disasters,and there are some parts of the history, that affects residents and wildlife and at last the mix of all relates with our culture.