Rocco :)

Gigi Loffredo

This is My Little Brother

My brother was a little baby when he was first born, he was so cute. Then he grew up to be this little, tiny kid who started loving sports. He is still growing up, at the age of 9, he is the best 9 year old baseball player I have ever seen! His motivation is learning, his heart is Jesus and our family and his life is baseball. He is a loving little kid who wont stop, wont lose, he wont QUIT. He is not just a kid but he is also my life, my inspiration, I wont live with out him, he is the one who makes my life the way it is today. I "saved" his life by a window, he saved my heart by his love. He IS a lover, cry's when he misses somebody, that somebody knows he is crying, so they cry for him. He gives people hugs like nobody's business. And that's my brother, my sweet, loving brother.