Humid Subtropical

wet and warm, but not as constantly hot as the tropics

Climate Location

Humid subtropical is located in many places of the world. This includes southeastern United States, Southern South America, Southern Europe, China, Southern Asia, and eastern Australia. The latitude for this weather region is about 20°-35° north and south latitude. The temperature zone it is located in the temperate marine.

Yearly Precipitation

In the summer, it is hot with much more rainfall than the winter. Maritime tropical air masses move inland, bringing tropical weather conditions, including thunderstorms and sometime hurricanes to southern cities. The average yearly precipitation is 60-350 centimeters of rain or snow. Winters are cool and mild, with more rain than snow. Polar air masses moving in from the north can bring freezing temperatures and frosts.

Seasons and Temperature Range

There is two seasons in the humid subtropical region. Summer and Winter. In the summer it is very hot with lots of rainfall. In the winters it is mild with more rainfall than snow.

Factor Affecting Climate

The factors differ depending on the climate zone. In summer, these regions are largely under the influence of moist, maritime airflow. This airflow comes from the western side of the subtropical anticyclonic cells over low-latitude ocean waters. The airflow doesn't change much in the climate, but it does change a little bit.