Alexander Hamilton

By: Caroline Hamilton

Birth and Death

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 or 1757, the year is unknown. In Charlestown, Nevis. To the parents of Rachel Faucette Buck and James A. Hamilton. They were married to different people at the birth of Alexander's older brother and him.

Alexander Hamilton died at the age of 49, he was shot in a duel between him and Andrew Burr in Weehawken, New Jersey. He died the next day at 2:00p.m at the home of William Bayard in the Manhattan Shore.

Childhood and Family

Rachel Faucette Buck was kicked out of the house of her first husband. She moved to Nevis where she met James A. Hamilton who like, Rachel, was married but was separated. They quickly moved in together where they had Alexander and his brother. The fact that Hamilton's parents were not married caused people to look down on them everywhere. Also, it really bothered Hamilton that he came from such a poor, non-traditional family. James, later left his family with nothing, Rachel opened a small corner store to support her family. Hamilton helped out around the store and later got a job at age 11. And when he was 13, he and his mother got tropical fever. Hamilton got better, but his mom did not, she died. That separated Hamilton and his brother.

Imporant Life Events

Alexander's view of slavery was bad starting from a young age, because of what he saw in Christiansted. He saw families being ripped apart and people being beaten in the streets. Because of that he knew how awful it was and that he would fight against. Which is what he did.


Alexander was mostly self by books and helping out his mother's corner store and others around the town. At one of the stores he worked at he caught the eye of one of the community leaders, who which convinced other leaders that Hamilton had something special and needed to go college. They all pitched and Hamilton ended up going to Kings' College which is now Columbia University.


Hamilton helped create a lasting system of government for the new nation, he was also a representive for New York, and in the Continental Congress. One of Hamilton's dreams since he was little came true in 1775 when he became a solider and a even bigger dream cam true when he became Captian Of War in 1776. And a pretty big accomplishment for anyone was that he was apart of a birth of a new nation, a founding father.

Contributions to Change

Hamilton contributed to change in many ways like he helped in the success of a good friend, George Washington at the roll of his top aide. He also helped Washington in writing one of the most famous speeches, the Washington Farewell Address. And probably the most important was that Hamilton established the first national bank.