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Volcano Experts - Video Creators

Students in Mrs. Fuller's 6th grade class are researching volcanoes. They are sharing their research using TouchCast, a video creation app for the iPad that allows students to display graphics, apply special effects and even use green-screen backgrounds similar to television news! For more information, go to

Blended Learning - Station Rotation

Have you wanted to try using a station rotation model in your class? Look to your peers for advice; Beth Holden and Lynne Sheldon recently used station rotations to teach a lesson on negative numbers. Their recipe included: Schoology, a short video lesson, Moby Max, teacher-led small group instruction, and student collaboration.

Classroom Management - Bouncy Balls

Here's a clever idea - check out

The balls will bounce based on the volume of your class; low volume, low bounce - high volume, high bounce. Display the bouncing balls on your SMART board for maximum effect!

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