Learn about one of the most powerful Greek Gods!


Poseidon… powerful, dangerous, and ferocious. Poseidon is one of the most famous Greek Gods. He is the God of earthquakes, horses, and the sea, but he mainly focuses on the water domain. His powerful brothers are Zeus and Hades, and His sisters are Hestia, Hera, and Demeter. Cronus, Poseidon's crude father, was horrible. He was so bad that he even devoured his own children (even though Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are alive).

"Striking" powers

Poseidon is very powerful. The Cyclopes (before the god vs. titan war) made a trident for Poseidon. Every time he struck the ground with it, Depending on how mad he was, he could make an earthquake. And the same with water, every time he struck the water, there would be a tidal wave! Now something without the earth and water powers, he could spawn horses out of nowhere. A crazy one is that with a raise of a hand, he can make islands that come right out of the ground. Crazy right? Some minor powers (for gods) are some like, Breathing under water, Walking on water, or shift shaping (which most gods and goddesses could do anyways). Can you imagine what some of these would look like!?

Piercing Personality

The most violent and greedy god that ever lived… Poseidon. If Poseidon was enraged, he would take out his anger on large earthquakes, or sinking sailors ships for no reason. One time, Odysseus blinded Poseidon's cyclopes son Polyphemus. So Poseidon was so fuming, that he sank Odysseus's ship by sending a huge tidal wave.

Sometimes, Poseidon can be very peaceful, when he is nice a lot of times, the waves are calm and Poseidon rides the waves with hippocampi (a sea creature Poseidon made).

The Great Fight

Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus Vs. The mighty Cronos. As you see in the first paragraph, Cronos is the Big three’s father. Since he was bringing terror to everyone, the three brothers put an end to it. When Zeus made Cronos spit up his brothers and sisters, Cronos felt like Zeus had more power. So Cronos made a Titan army to destroy the olympians. Zeus gathered his brothers and sisters and went to Tartus (an underground place) to free the imprisoned giants and cyclopes. Now the olympians have giants and cyclopes which gave the three brothers powers, Zeus got his lightning bolt, Poseidon got his trident, and Hades got a helmet. Together, they took down the Titans, and threw them into Tartus.

By: Tony Wisneski