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Orchestra Students Play Their Way to All-State Competition!

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Mr.Dolinsky is proud to announce that four of his students are going to audition in Tampa for the All-State Orchestra Competition! He reports that these students have worked very hard to master the material and requirements needed for the upcoming auditions. If they are accepted, the students will be away for 3 days to compete in this important competition. Mr.Dolinsky says that these talented students pictured (from left to right) are Rylee M., Pataraporn S., Maria P., and Alex L.

Reporters: Courtney,Tara, Lauren, Jamie

Glenridge student Scores interview with Senator Marco Rubio

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6th grader Mitchell R. had a rare opportunity to interview Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio told Mitchell that if kids get informed now about what is going on in our country, we will begin to care more about our community and country. Marco Rubio got a scholarship to play football in college. He was excited then he got injured and could not play. He realized he had to get over the fact that he was hurt and had to pursue another interest. He turned a bad thing into a positive. He was involved in Boy Scouts and sports growing up, but he told Mitchell that he wished his school had a debate club and that he was more involved in Middle School clubs. Mitchell asked the Senator about the new Civics exams that kids have to take in Florida. Marco Rubio thought they are very important because the more kids know about how government works, the more they will get involved as they grow up.

By Maddie D.

New Teacher Feature

Soccer Scorecards

On Wednesday September 11th the Glenridge Middle School Lions played Howard Middle School. The Lady Lions won 2-0 along with the Boys who won 4-0! Both the girls and the boys played a great game and had amazing teamwork. Girls' Captains Mayson J. & Grace W. showed great leadership! Congrats Grace and Genesis for scoring goals on Wednesday! (Click on pics above to enlarge)

By Field Reporter Sarah B.

Student Spotlight - Getting Their GAME ON

Captured in the Courtyard: September 11th Photos with a Meaning

7th grade Photo Journalism students created memorable photos and videos that represented how they felt about September 11th and shared them with other classes. Their goal was to represent a feeling or story by planning and taking a picture. They also added writing and music to their photos.

Open House

Tuesday, Sep. 24th 2013 at 5:30-7pm

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This is a night for parents to find out what their kids are doing in class and how their day goes. Don't miss an important video from Mr. Honohan at 5:30 in 1st period class.

Parents will follow the class schedule for periods 1-7. Plus the Scholastic BOOKFAIR will be open in the Media Center. Stop by and get a new book!

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