No Teacher Left Behind

By: Julia Seiuli

No Teacher Left Behind Act

All Teachers must well plan and well prepare to teach students in the classroom. There are various opportunities for teacher to join and participate in to help teachers expand their knowledge to help students excel in the future. Here are some ways for teachers to participate:

  • workshop
  • training
  • available courses offered

It does not hurt to try new things. Government agencies and organizations are there for teachers to work together for student to learn. Also, school must provide workshops that could help develop teaching skills for teachers, such as classroom management, discipline, and many other techniques and strategies.

Are these practices helpful? Yes! Of course these are useful ideas provided for teachers. But, it is the teacher to use the strategies that is needed for his/her classroom and teaching.

Should Teachers Have to Meet Certain Standards?

Teachers should meet certain standards like students. Whereas, in order for students to achieve their goals, they need to meet certain standards. Therefore, here are a sample standards for teachers:
  1. Teacher must always have a lesson plan ready every week.
  2. Teacher must always prepare to teach students by providing worksheets, projects and prepare different activities.
  3. Teacher must pass Praxis to consider highly qualified.
  4. Teacher must meet every student needs.

NETS-T Standards

NETS-T Standards are beginning to design and implementing in the classroom by teachers. I believe, these standards are well designed to meet students learning. As a teacher, I believe NETS-T Standards are useful for students at this time with all various technology used.