Mountain Pilgrimage

Seth Horn

When and Where?

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania Africa in the fall is the nicest time of the year. Not a lot of rainfall happens this time of year which makes it perfect for climbing. It also is not extremely hot either, it is still in the temperature range of 80-90 degrees but Africa can offer a much hotter climate.

Traveling and Transportation?

A round trip plane ticket to Africa will cost close to $2000.00 but the beauty of this foreign country is well worth the price. Also, since you will be just over 8,766 miles from your own car back in the states, a rental car would be a good option to get around and explore Africa! For a reliable awd SUV, it will cost around $400.00 for two weeks plus gas. Your plane ticket and rental car are about 80% of the total cost to travel to and around the African continent.


In the act of climbing any mountain you will be in need of gear that can withstand the elements of mother nature and also care to all of the needs you may have while on a mountain.

Things you will need include

-Athletic Shirts(Long and Short Sleeved).

-Light weight, Water Resistant Jackets.

-A large Water Resistant Jacket.

-Jeans and Thermal Pants along with Snow Pants.

-Good Boots.

-Headbands, Gloves, Fanny pack, Hats, Head lamp.

This list of clothing you will need on your climb is very important. You do not want to be caught in a rain storm and have no jacket. Then you are soaked along with all of your clothes which can make a climb very uncomfortable and dangerous.

Living and Eating

Sleeping Accommodations: Africa is known for being a great place to visit which has turned it into a travelers paradise. You can stay anywhere from a hotel suit to a hut, it all depends on how much you want to pay.

Eating: Going from the fast food capital of the world to a place that mostly eats home grown crops is a big change. For all of your basic grocery needs such as milk, eggs, bread, chicken breasts, rice and other foods, the cost will be around $175.00 but taking extra money to try traditional African meals is something i would be highly likely to do.


With the world being connected with the internet, being able to call home or call somewhere in Africa is not very difficult, all it takes is a little bit of money and with Verizon Wireless company, you can pay $30.00 for a month of calling to anywhere in the world.