Digital Citizenship Project

Brandi M., Period 5

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

Think before you post: Ask yourself, is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspirational, is it Necessary, and is it kind?

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Don't give out personal information: Don't ever give your personal information to a website, because you don't know who will be able to see it. And once they got it they can use it however they please, like hacking your bank account, or sharing it with other's.

Rule #3 Social Networking

Keep Private Information Private: When on the internet never share your personal information, like your email, address, or pictures that you wouldn't won't people to see, because strangers can use however they want to once you hit post.

Rule #4 Online Safety

Hide your Identity Online: When your making a username, password, or an account, online don't give out any personal information. When you create a username, try and pick something completely different from your real name. And if it asks for your email or address don't put it because chances are it's a scam.

Rule #5 Cyberbulling

Never Bully Back: Cyber Bulling is bulling online. If someone is cyber bulling you you should tell an adult. Never bully back either, and if your mad because of someone cyber bulling you, you shouldn't write anything until you calm down.

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Don"t Copy Other People's Work: What this means is to not copy word for word what someone else has wrote, and say it as your own. It doesn't mean you can't use their information, it just means you half to give the author credit for it or you can put it in your own words, and give the name of the source you got it from.

Rule #7 Copyright