Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week of January 4th

Welcome Back!!

Happy New Year!! I hope that everyone had a fun and restful Winter Break. Now it's time to buckle down and make our second semester of 1st grade the best that it can be! Here are a few reminders as we begin:

1. I have updated our class Google Calendar for the rest of the year. I am sure that other dates will be added so keep checking back.

2. I will be expecting a lot of responsibility from all of my students this semester! Please help to reinforce good behavior, putting your name on all papers, taking care of our school supplies, and being respectful of others. Also, we will be focusing on reading goals. Here's how we'll do it:

* We will be incorporating more time for AR quizzes so that more students can reach their goals.

*I am putting the Fluency page back into homework. You can also use this fluency page in your reading log. It is a good way to get your reading in each day and practice fluency.

3. Remember due dates. Fluency Folders are due each Thursday. Homework is due each Friday. Communication Folders should be returned every day. I have 6 students who did not turn in Communication and Fluency folders before the break. I have new papers to put into each of these folders. Please make sure they get turned in on Monday! If you know that you have lost one of the folders, send me an email so that I know to make a new one.

4. Spelling tests have been a challenge lately for quite a few students. We are doing more practice in order to help everyone do their best. Please help by going over the spelling words with your student every night. It only takes a few minutes and the extra practice will go a long way! The Spelling City app/website is a fun way to practice spelling words. Try it out!

5. Our cubby space is VERY limited and all students share their space with a partner. Please try to bring the smallest backpack that you can. Now that the weather is colder, students are bringing coats and jackets. I want as much as possible stored in the cubbies so that we don't mess up or misplace belongings. Thank you for your help with this!!

This week we will learn...


Journeys Unit 4, Lesson 16

Spelling words- so, hole, joke, bone, go, no, poke, chose, home, rope, stove, wrote

Bonus words- around, because, before, bring, think


Go Math Module 12.1-12.4, 3 digit addition, adding in any order, problem solving strategies


STEMScopes- Weather and Air


Review of school rules and procedures

Interactive stories The Day the Monster Came to School, and Blurting Out

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!