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Ohio's Theory of Action: Community Collaboration

Throughout the 2020-21 school year, Level up with Literacy has provided curated information and resources aligned with Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement.

In April's issue, we discussed family engagement and how to connect families to community resources to help ensure learners have access to literacy support.

This month, we offer suggestions for community partners who can not only partner with you for literacy, but can also help you support each child's educational, social-emotional, physical and safety needs as detailed in Ohio's Whole Child Framework.

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Who Can Support Your Literacy Efforts?

When schools connect with:

  • libraries
  • health care providers
  • cultural and religious institutions
  • businesses, and/or other
  • organizations
children are exposed to many language-rich, literacy-based opportunities throughout their communities, and these organizations become more invested in student outcomes.

This summer, consider who you might ask to partner with your school to help build literacy skills in your students.

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Below are just two examples of the ways community organizations and businesses are promoting literacy achievement in Region 1.

What innovative and creative ideas do you have for involving others in educating the students in our community? Who do you know that could become a valued partner? How can we help you facilitate the conversation?


YWCA: How They're Making a Difference

The YWCA's Baby Talk program focuses on family engagement, early literacy, and kindergarten readiness to help families as they support their children in the learning process. Baby Talk is open to all Lucas County residents in Ohio with children birth to kindergarten. Call 419-255-5519 for more information.

We recognize the importance of meeting families where they are

"Collaboration is key in any relationship, but even more so when we are working to make a difference in our community and we understand this mission is accomplished one family at a time."

Tiffany Sullivan

Outreach Parent Specialist

YWCA of Northwest Ohio: Child Care Resource & Referral Department

10 Ways to Connect with Families

  1. Recognize families are the experts on their children
  2. Come alongside families rather than trying to lead them
  3. Invite families to share about their children
  4. Work together with parents, colleagues, and community agencies toward a common goal
  5. Acknowledge the impact of trauma, and demonstrate compassion
  6. Look for the strengths of each family and share these observations with them
  7. Follow through with what you say you will do
  8. Make human connections by sharing personal experiences to build relationships
  9. Demonstrate empathy to make connections
  10. Be open to having difficult conversations, using a nonjudgmental approach

from the YWCA Child Care Resources and Referral Family Service Team

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Graphite Design + Build: Bringing Learning to Life

With their full-scale models, dioramas, and learning stations, the Graphite Design + Build team transforms spaces into educational experiences that ignite imaginations and encourage engagement.

"We work with our partners to understand their educational goals and approach our interactive educational stations through the mind of a child. When the movements and actions correlate with the facts, these stations open up the opportunity for engagement, allowing families to learn together and create lasting memories."

Jeremy Link

Owner, Designer, Builder, Graphite Design + Build

On designing and building for interactive exhibits for the Toledo Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Toledo-Lucas County Library, and Metroparks Toledo

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International Dyslexia Association of Northwest Ohio

Wilson Reading System: 3-Day Introductory Course

June 22-24

Registration details >>

Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center

Family Engagement: The Why and the How

July 26-30 and August 2

Power Dynamics and Family Engagement

August 3 & 4

Reframing the Conversation about Family Engagement

August 5 & 6

Learn more about these workshops >>

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Why Materials Matter - Adopting Materials Through an Equity-Focused Lens | Spring 2021
Critical Conversations about the Impact of Equity and Urban P-16 Partnerships
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SAVE THE DATE - Registration is open for these fall conferences:

Ohio Family Engagement Leadership Summit

September 17

Hosted by the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center

Register here >>


November 16-19

Hosted by OCALI

Register here >>

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