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Hernando Cortez was born in 1485. He was a spanish conquestador. Hernando Cortezt set off to sail mexico and he also conquesred and destroyed it. He conquered the aztecs for several different reasons. The reasons lead up to have the upper hand in the conquest of mexico. That is a little bit about Hernando Cortez.
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In this link you will learn some stuff about herndo cortez. You will learn where he was born at, when he did, and where he dies at. There it also tells what he did and how he achieved in her life. That is what you will learn in this link.


In this link you will find how Hernandez Cortes dies. It also talks about when he died and also where he died at. This link talks about the decease that killed him. It tell what the decease is and what the side affects are and where it affects your body and how it affected him to dies. This is the link that tells you how he died.


In this link you will learn about his voyages and who helped him to achieve in hisd life. You will also learn who he conquered and who he was part of. This website is a little summary about his life and how he succeeded in his life time.